2022 NCAA Tournament Cheat Sheet
  • 2022 NCAA Tournament Cheat Sheet

    UPDATE: The Excel cheat sheet and tournament primer are done and ready to be emailed to you after your purchase!


    The main objective of NCAA Tournament Fantasy Basketball is to draft a team that accumulates as many fantasy points scored as possible. Two ingredients help make a successful team: high scoring players and players who play deep into the tournament. These two aspects will be covered thoroughly in your Customized Bracket & Top 300 spreadsheet.


    You will fill out a standard NCAA Tournament bracket. Easy as pie. Next, you will flip to your Cheat Sheet that covers every possible statistical aspect of the Top 300 players in the NCAA Tournament, tailored to your individual picks and League Scoring Settings. Do you think Duke will be advancing to the Final Four while Gonzaga gets knocked out in the second round? Simply fill out your bracket and watch as the Houston players rise and Nova players fall in your own customized set of player rankings.


    The Customized Bracket & Top 300 spreadsheet also includes helpful information like which players are trending upwards in points per game and minutes per game, as well as which players are solid value picks. Still thirsty for more statistical strategery? You're in luck! Your personally customized Top 300 list even includes our own "consistency rating" for all 300 players.




    Part 2. NCAA Tournament Primer (PDF File)


    In addition to your Customized Bracket and Top 300 Cheat Sheet, you will receive an NCAA Tournament Draft Guide with extensive March Madness analysis and player picks.


    Some of the highlights include:-


    Top 300 Player Rankings: Using our bracket predictions, we calculate the Top 300 Available Players and give you a nice printable sheet to work from.


    - Locks, Value & Gambles: NCAA Basketball fantasy expert Justin Bales takes us through his favorite players to target in point total drafts.


    - Bracket Predictions and Strategy: Spencer Limbach and Randy Quis also discuss different strategies for filling out your NCAA Tournament bracket. They look at teams that are ripe for upsets and sleepers that will go further than expected while sharing some pre-filled sample brackets to help you along your way.


    - Who's Ripe For An Upset?: Randy Quis will look at teams he believes are upset bound.


    - Your Customized Top 300 List Excel Spreadsheet and our Draft Guide with articles, our Top 300 player rankings, sample brackets and more is now ready!


    The cost is just $9.99 for everything! PRE-ORDER TODAY

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